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Retractable Roofs

Panorama Glass Roof System

Retractable Roof Systems

Upgrade your outdoor space and decrease energy costs. Increase your home’s coolness and reduce power bills with retractable roof systems!

Far superior to a simple retractable awning, a retractable roof system offers a much sturdier build, always built into a 4 sided structure to withstand harsh elements. It also maintains better resistance to wind and other movements, which reduces any potential noise as well as wear and tear on the retractable roof. Some people do refer to retractable roofs as awnings when they are made of fabric, but a retractable roof is always a better option where possible.

Transform your patio and enjoy a roomier outdoor space with attractive retractable roofs that provide shade without hindering views. Our retractable awnings not only provide shades but also protect from the sun’s rays while prolonging the life of an awning.

Cooler Temperatures – Maintain cooler temperatures inside, which can decrease your power bills by up to 25% if you turn off your air conditioning more often.

Shade Without Hindering View – Installing a retractable patio roof can result in well-sheltered places safe for children and pets to have fun and play around.

Improving Energy Performance – Retractable outdoor roofs can cut thermal heat gain creeping into your house, improving your home’s energy performance.

Eco-Friendly Cooling – Sun and wind sensors will prolong your awning’s life.

Create Space – Transform your balconies or patios into attractive extra living spaces with a retractable roof for your balcony.

Retractable Awnings (Roofs) Are Eco-Friendly – With our retractable awnings (roofs), we give you a cost-effective way to cool your home, which is both eco-friendly and affordable.

Versatile – With our retractable awnings, you can choose between folding arm awnings or retractable awnings and pick the best one suited to your needs.

Openable Roofs – Unique Features

Extend and enhance your outdoor lifestyle with our retractable awnings! They’re durable, stylish, affordable, and can be set up quickly. You don’t have to worry about having an unsightly canopy over your patio all year round. Our innovative retractable awnings allow you to transform your patio into outdoor living space while keeping you safe from the elements. Contact us today to see what we have in store for you!

Expand Your Living Space – Our sliding roof system can transform your patios and balconies into attractive and cool extra living spaces.

Extend Shade Indoors – Enjoy cooling shade outdoors while maintaining your desired temperature indoors.

Sun Sensor – Automatically position an awning to minimise the amount of heat that enters through a window.

Wind Sensor – Automatically close an awning when strong winds hit.

Retractable Arms – Instantly adjust an awning up or down on any part of a building.

Benefits of a Retractable Patio Roof System

– Protect yourself from harmful sun rays

– Stay cool and comfortable with retractable awnings

– Save on home energy bills without sacrificing comfort or style

– Reclaim some precious living space with a retractable awning

– Auto protect your awnings from weather conditions and lengthen their lifespan

– Convert any outdoor space into a sheltered living space without sacrificing your view

Sliding Roof Systems That Offers High-Energy Performance

If you want to do your part to protect the environment and conserve resources, installing retractable awnings is your best bet. They can lower the temperature of your home while boosting its energy efficiency. The retractable awnings block the sun’s rays from getting into the building, reducing solar gain by nearly 80%.

Retractable Glass Roof Systems – A perfect way to upgrade your home’s energy performance! Patios can become a sauna when they are left uncovered. So take control and keep those humid days at bay by investing in the best sliding roof system. Contact us now to learn more about our retractable roof system prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are retractable roofs worthwhile?

When debating whether or not to install a retractable roof, there are many things to consider. One advantage is that retractable roofs can provide optimal light control. They can also help regulate temperature, which can be beneficial in both hot and cold climates. Additionally, retractable roofs can be a great selling point for a home or business. Hence, retractable roofs are one of the most innovative designs on the market today. If you’re considering installing a retractable roof, talk to our professionals today to choose the perfect type of design feature for your home or office.

What is the purpose of a retractable roof system?

A retractable roof system’s purpose is to protect from the elements while still allowing natural light and fresh air into the building. Retractable roofs can be opened and closed as needed, making them ideal for areas that experience extreme weather conditions. Retractable roof systems also benefit when installed in public spaces because they allow people to enjoy outdoor activities even if the weather outside is not perfect. A significant downside of this type of roofing system is that they are usually much more expensive than other types of roofing systems, but the benefits make them worth the cost.

How long does a retractable patio roof last?

A retractable patio roof can last many years if properly maintained. However, a few things can shorten the lifespan of a retractable roof system, such as bad weather, improper installation, and lack of maintenance. If you live in an area with bad weather, it is important to have your retractable roof system checked regularly to ensure it’s still in good condition.

Can I leave a sliding roof system open all the time?

No, you cannot always leave a sliding roof system open. A sliding roof system is designed to be opened and closed as needed, typically to provide ventilation or shade. If left open all the time, the elements will eventually damage the system. Additionally, leaving the system open all the time can impact your energy bill as it will no longer be insulating your home as intended.

Are retractable roof systems waterproof?

There are many different types of retractable roof systems, and not all of them are waterproof. In fact, some retractable roofs are only water-resistant, meaning they can only handle a certain amount of water before they start to leak. So, if you’re looking for a retractable roof that’s 100% waterproof, you should ask the professionals to find the right one.

Can retractable roof systems keep your home cool?

Retractable roofs can block out the sun’s rays, keeping your home cooler. They provide shade and block out the sun’s rays, keeping your home cooler in the summer months. In addition, retractable roofs can also help reduce your energy costs by preventing the need for air conditioning.

Which is better – a manual or motorised awning / roof?

If you’re looking for an awning or roof, you may wonder whether a manual or motorised model is the better option. Here are some things to consider that may help you make your decision:

– Manual awnings or roofs will require more of your time and energy than motorised ones, but they can provide the flexibility and security of adjusting shade levels based on your needs.

– Motorised models are less likely to break down than manual ones, but they require more energy to operate properly.

– Both options can provide durability against inclement weather as well as additional coverage from the sun and rain.

What are the applications of an openable roof?

An openable roof system is used in a variety of applications, including:

– Private homes

– Restaurants

– Hotels

– Courtyards

– Commercial applications